FRANKFURT - Botticelli Exhibit at the St�del Museum

I just read this in the New York Times Travel-Art section! If you're in Frankfurt from now until the 18th of February 2010, make some time to visit the fantastic Stadel Art Museum in Frankfurt to view the Botticelli exhibit, the first ever in Germany.

The New York times claims Boticelli is akin to Rembrant or Van Gogh. A "must see" if you're in Frankfurt.

Remember the Venus by Boticelli, (photo enclosed) of the woman floating on a large shell? That's one of his most famous paintings, the original hangs in the Uffizi Gallery In Venice.

For more information on museum hours and admission fees, visit the enclosed link: Plan your visit - Visitor Information - St�del Museum.

If you decide to go, it's an easy walk from the main train station in Frankfurt. Just walk for a couple of blocks towards the river and turn left once your reach the river for about one block. Cross over the river on the pedestrian bridge and once across, the Stadel will be almost right in front of you, a bit to the left (photo enclosed).

Before you leave the museum, don't forget to make a detour to visit Holbein's, the museum cafe. It's a beautiful glass enclosed structure with a lovely garden view. It serves wonderful German desserts and delicious German food and it's very popular with the locals.

If you want a pre-recorded tour in English, they are available for an extra fee.

Enjoy the Boticelli paintings and take a quick tour of the Stadel's gorgeous permanent collection while you're there.

Have you heard of anything cool to do while in Frankfurt? Let us know so we can post it for others to enjoy - Send your comments and recommendations to postcards@me.com

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