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While in Dubai, visit the Souk in Bur Dubai. It's located in the old part of Dubai, right by the Dubai creek and across the Gold and Spice Souk. To get there from the Gold and Spice Souk, just take the small water taxis that cross the Creek for one Dirham (about .30 cents of a dollar) to the other side. (For more information on these water taxis and on crossing the Dubai Creek, please read our previous post about the Dubai Water Taxis).

Once in the Bur Dubai Souk, visit the Middle Eastern textile shops that offer pashmina shawls, table runners, bed and pillow covers and regional clothes for sale at very reasonable prices. It's the perfect place to pick up a comfortable (and modest) female outfit to roam the most conservative streets of Dubai, like the Souks, with out offending a pious soul.

What outfit am I referring to? certainly not the oppressive black burkha, but a "cool-as-a-breeze" cotton pant & tunic ensemble for women, that comes in a multitude of interchangeable solid, summer colors like turquoise blue, yellow, pink, tan, white and aquamarine green. A perfect outfit for day or night to keep you cool in the heat of Dubai.

I purchased two tunic/pant sets on my last visit to Dubai, one white and the other brown. Both lightly decorated with same color embroidery and a few sparkling beads. I wore my white outfit to the Marina beach the next day and I loved the comfort and coolness I felt from the light and loose fabrics of the outfit during the strong, mid-day heat.

If you wish to purchase one of these outfits, visit my friend Pradeep's shop in the Bur Dubai Souk in the ABRA MARKET SHOP # 4 & 5 (photo enclosed). They speak English and if you tell them you're from the airlines, I've been told, you'll receive a discount.

Once inside the shop, you'll see their fantastic selection of pant & tunic sets for women in a myriad of colors and an equally impressive collection of pashmina shawls, beaded purses, cushion covers, etc. for sale.

All their items are priced very reasonably and the pant/tunic sets sell for about ten dollars each (that's a pair of pants plus a shirt). Word of caution, when purchasing your set, ask for the "Tunic and pants set for women", for there are similar sets for sale in the market for men and those, you definitely don't want to wear in Dubai.

To learn more about the Bur Dubai Souq in Dubai, click in the following link by Lonely Planet.
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Have fun and enjoy the Souk!

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