DUBAI - The Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is ready and running and it's fun! So don't wait, go for a ride now. It's a different way to see the layout of the city that sure beats the backseat of a taxi.

On September 9th, 2009 (or on 9-9-09) Dubai's ruler, His Highness, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum officially opened the first Metro line in Dubai, The Red Line. This is the first Metro in the Arabian Peninsula.

On my last visit to Dubai, I decide to try the Metro. I rode from the Dubai Airport Station (in Terminal 3) to the Deira Station near my friends house. The next day, I climbed on the Metro once more. This time, I went to The Emirates Mall Station across town, near Jumeirah Beach.

Both times the rides were fast and easy to navigate. The seats were comfortable, the cars uncrowded, the stations, hospital clean and dare I say, the decor was ultra modern, with lots of shiny tile, glass and chrome surfaces along the way. Air conditioned areas prevailed and best of all, the price was right. It only cost about two dollars per segment.

FYI, not all the stations in the Red Line are opened yet, so check with the station attendants before you get on. Also, check the prices, because they vary according to the distance you travel.

The Metro is easy to navigate because all of the signs and announcements are made in Arabic, as well as in English. Once aboard the Metro, you will hear each stop announced via a loud speaker in both languages and you will see the name of the stop flashed on illuminated signs above the doors. There are also, easy to follow Metro maps over each door.

Seating is mixed, with preference given to the female riders.

More Metro lines that will service the whole city are planned for the near future. There's a Green Line that will open in June 2010 and there's a yellow line that's in the works.

For more information on the Dubai Metro, visit the following link : Dubai Metro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Enjoy the ride!


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