TRAVEL GEAR - Reusable Shopping Bags

When "in Rome...", u know how it goes; While in Europe, do as the locals do, and carry your own shopping bag. This is particularly important in today's "green" environment and if you plan to shop in super markets, or in flea markets. Why? some food shops may not have bags, or if they do, they may be pretty skimpy and you may be charged and extra fee for the ones they provide

Enter Baggu bags - reusable, over-the-shoulder, sturdy nylon bags ($7.50 each), that can carry up to 25lbs and come in a rainbow of colors. If you must have one, check out Baggu's website here, or go to www.baggubag.com where you can peruse for your color of choice and decide which one is for you.

(photos, courtesy of Baggu)


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