TRAVEL GEAR - iPhone Travel Applications

For all of you iPhone addicts (like me), here are some Travel (related) Applications, you may want to download into your phone.
-Flight Status
- for flight schedules, by airport, date and/or, flight number.
-Airport Status - for information on ground and general delays, airport stops and airport closures.
-Wi-Fi Finder
- for lists of "wi-fi" spots in the area.
-Metro Paris - for a map of the Paris Metro, plus Line and Metro Station information.
-iConvert - for currency, temperature, volume, weight, area, length and more, conversions.
-myLite - turns your iPhone into a flashlight in your choice of color.
-London Tube Subway - Just like the Paris Metro Guide,but for the London Tube.
-Lingolook - Language "flash cards", organized in categories and published in several languages - French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Chinese - each, u-must buy individually.
-Travel Assistant - a travel organizer with input areas for airline, hotel, car rental, train and bus information.
Now go! have fun! go play with your new applications in your iPhone!

Happy Travels!

(photos, courtesy of apple)


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