ROME - Sunday Flea Market at Porta Portesa

If you're ever in Rome on a Sunday, when most businesses are closed for the day, don't despair, take a cab from your hotel and head for the Porta Portese Flea Market in Trastevere.  Supposedly, this is the biggest flea market in Europe!

Take a city map with you. You will need it to find your way back to your hotel.  Be careful with your valuables. The market has a reputation for pick-pocketers. Take cash if you intend to shop. Wear a hat and bring some water.  It get's crowded and very hot in the summer months. Go early. There will be less people in the market.  Don't get discouraged by the junk at the start of the market. The best stuff will be further in.

Here are some photos of what I found:

By the way, a one way taxi to Porta Portesa in Trastevere from the area of The Spanish Steps and/Piazza Barberini will run you about 8 Euros.

Enjoy and don't forget the sunscreen!


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