DUBAI - Breakfast at HEDIARD

For a tasty and hearty breakfast in Dubai, visit Hediard in the Festival City Mall (the IKEA mall).  It's a really nice French cafe with welcoming friendly service and reasonable prices. 

During my visit, I ordered scrambled eggs with salmon and a cappuccino (photo enclosed).

When my order arrived,  I was surprised to receive along with the eggs a glass of fresh orange juice, a bowl of cereal,  two slices of toasted bread, jam and some fruit.  All this was included in the price of the scrambled eggs. It was enough food to feed two adults.  

Hediard is a French import to Dubai.  It's an old Tea Importer that specializes in gourmet teas, delicious coffees and European pastries.  They also offer free wifi to their customers.  So bring your iPad or smart phone to catch up on any news and/or email from home while dining in peace and comfort.

Here are more pictures from my visit to Hediard in Dubai.


kevin said...

Yo Lizzie, whats the price??? 1 dollar or 100?

lizzie from the air... said...

Hi Kevin, the price for this breakfast feast was under 20 dollars...I will check it out and let you know exactly by mid July ok?

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