Sterilize Your Tooth Brush While Traveling

Cute, inexpensive and useful. What more can travelers ask for. Steripods, a clever, plastic clip-on contraption that covers your toothbrush to protect it and keep it bacteria free.

Where to get them? At you local pharmacy or in Amazon (link enclosed). They come in three packs, fit regular toothbrushes or electric ones and they sell for $5.99 a pack. All you have to do is "clip the Steripod onto your toothbrush...and the antibacterial system goes to work immediately". It's clinically proven to kill up to 90% bacteria for up to 90 days! Love it!

For more details on this handy product, please visit Steripod's official website at www.steri-pod.com or click on the the enclosed blue link below.

Happy trails traveling partners!

Amazon.com: Steripod Toothbrush Hygiene System (2 Pack Green and Blue): Health & Personal Care


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