Frankfurt Eats - Crew Prices and Great Food

Lynn Burnett (dcasw), one of our flight crew members who often flies to Frankfurt just gave me this card with high recommendations for the food the place serves. Thanks Lynn!!!

The Kund Kim Westend restaurant is a new restaurant located not far from our layover hotel. Please ask the concierge for directions. They serve "very good" German food, according to Lynn and they have an airline menu with discounted prices for crew. Bring your ID.

The restaurant's address is on the card I posted above, but if it's hard to read, here goes the address and phone number again.

Arndtstrasse 24
60325 Frankfurt Am Main
tel - 069 - 742-287-87
)Good for lunch or dinner)

Do you have any restaurant favorites you wish to share? Please let us know. Pass this on. It's how we grow.


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