Interesting Sight In Moscow

By any chance, have you seen this building in Moscow? It sits right across the Kremlin, on the other side of the Moscow River, not far from the Red October Russian Chocolate Factory along the water.

To identify it, just look for the large Mercedes Benz logo-sculpture on it's roof. It's pretty visible from the Kremlin - Photo enclosed above.

So what's so important about this particular building in Moscow? Well, amazingly, much sinister, movie-style (Russian) government spying took place here during the Stalin years during the 1940's. At the time (as per my Russian tour guide), the building housed top leaders of the Stalin's government. These folks, sadly, were unaware that their building had double walls to spy on them.

Tragically, as a result of the spying, literally, "through the walls", an obscene number of top government leaders who resided in this building, were exiled to Siberia as a punishment for speaking against Stalin or his government. Eeeek!

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