Identity Theft While Traveling - Protect your Credit Cards

I recently had my Credit Union savings and checking account completely emptied by someone who stole my ATM card information - I still had my ATM card in my possession, yet the thieves were able to withdraw all the cash from my account from an ATM in California. Since then, I've learned that this type of theft is very popular, specially in Europe. It can happen quickly and with out you even taking your credit or ATM card out of your wallet or purse. How?, Perpetrators walk by you with a small hand-held device that reads your personal information from the magnetic strips in your cards, while these are still inside your purse. Scary? you bet! These magnetic strips hold your account passwords and personal information. Nothing you want a thief getting his sticky fingers on.

So what can you do? well, I've learned that there's a way to protect your privacy from these rapacious thieves. Ogon Designs makes Credit Card Wallets made out of stainless steal which guarantee protection yo your credit cards. They are certified for this job. If interested, take a look at the link enclosed below. It may save you from being "cleaned up"like I was.

Wallets go for $40 or $50 dollars, depending on color and design. If this is too much, I wonder if wrapping ones credit cards with aluminum foil would work as well? Something to think about.

Be safe when traveling and take the necessary protections. Thieves get smarter and craftier every day.

�gon Designs Credit Card Wallet - Snake - $49.00 : The Style Cube


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