Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport - Food to go...

One last French morsel before flying across the pond? Stop at the 407 Bar before boarding your plane. Located inside Charles de Gaulle airport right next to gate 20-28, they serve delicious fresh, crunchy baguette sandwiches to go.

My favorite one is the sandwich du "Jambon" with butter, but they also make an awesome mozzarella and tomato baguette.

The 407 Bar also brews a mean cappuccino to go. It will give your engines a quick start.

Now that's a nice way to start your flight don't you think!

Au Revoir! and Bon journee!


CDG UK said...

There aren't that many good places to eat at CDG, considering it's such a monster airport. I don't understand why more chains don't open there. I suppose that's a good thing though!

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