Oh la la! Nespresso in Miami Beach!

Lincoln road now has it's own swanky Swiss Nespresso Cafe, one of only three in the United States!! and yes it's amazing coffee!

Remember my earlier post on the best coffee I tasted in Paris at the Nespresso's on the Champs Elysees? (link enclosed) Well now we can have that same memorable experience in SOBE (South Beach). Hello Nesspresso South Beach, here I come! POSTCARDS FROM THE AIR: PARIS - Memorable Coffee at Nesspresso

Nespresso in Lincon Rd. opens daily from 10am to 10pm and serves "the coffee experience". They do not sell cups to go, they only serve coffee in ceramic white cups while you sit at their fancy coffee bar or in one of their multicolored modern chairs in their modern coffee restaurant.

Each cup will set you back around 4 to 5 dollars, depending on weather you order a single or double shot cup of coffee and you can select the flavor you prefer from an impressive menu of delicious world brews.

Nespresso SOBE serves salads and snacks to accompany their coffees, but their main attraction is, you guessed it, their memorable coffee! The Nespresso cafe is also a Nespresso shop where sublime Nespresso coffee makers are sold for $200 to $700 dollars a piece.

Next time you go to South Beach, stop at the Nespresso SOBE coffee bar at 1111 Lincoln Rd. and don't forget to enjoy the people watching!


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