Paris- Australian Embassy for Art?

Do you ever feel like you just need a little "art fix" while in Paris? Not a large museum, not a complicated plan of action, just a bite-size exhibit to indulge your senses for a brief sensory escape?

Well look no further than the Australian Embassy in Paris a short distance away from our layover hotel on 4 Rue Jean Rois (this is the same street as the Portman Hotel and the Mercure Suffren). It has ongoing free art exhibits on its street level lobby gallery space - a glass enclosed salon with tons of lovely natural light - of unusual, but interesting art.

To enter the gallery, approach the embassy's main entry glass doors (photo enclosed). They are located at street level. Enter the building and through the glass, you will be able to see the front desk security desk. Pass the security machines and once at the desk, ask to view the art gallery to the left of the desk. They will wave you right in.

On my first visit to this gallery several years ago, I was fortunate enough to catch an amazing exhibit of large format, Aboriginal paintings from Australia. The paintings so mesmerized me with their beauty and use of unusual earthly colors, that I was stunned to find out they were made by untrained artists from the Aboriginal tribes of Australia. The exhibit was a gem!

On my second visit to this gallery just recently, I caught a tapestry exhibit of artists from around the world. Once again, these were large format pieces of stunning color. Tapestries that looked more like exquisite paintings, or street graffity than something weaved. Amazing work. Here are some photos of what I saw. You be the judge.

The Australian Embassy's exhibit hall is usually empty of people and thus, it is a very peaceful space most days of the week. It's also free. Like most embassies, it only operates during the week and during office hours. Each time that I've visited, I was the only person in the gallery. For me, it's a nice, quiet refuge from the crowds in Paris when I don't feel like going too far. Check it out next time you fly to Paris and let me know what your think.

Do you have any favorite quiet spots in Paris?

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