Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris by Train - RER

Lately, many crew members are seeking information on how to best travel from Paris's Charles de Gaulle airport to the layover hotel with their family members. This, since the crew pick-up bus no longer is permitted to swing back to the terminal for additional pick-up's.

So, what can you do? You can take the RER from Charles de Gaulle to the center of Paris. It's fast and it's relatively cheap. How to do it? Read on, it's really pretty simple.

-First, you must clear customs and immigration. Then, look for the signs in the terminal (you're in TERMINAL 1) that say AIRPORT SHUTTLE. Photo enclosed. Follow the arrows and go down a level.
-Once there, go through the sliding glass doors and up a level via a set of
electric ramps - photo enclosed of doors.
-You will now be on the Tram Station. Take the tram from TERMINAL 1 to TERMINAL 3 -
(Roissypole/RER station)

-Once in TERMINAL 3, go to the ticket booth and purchase a "billet to Paris" - It will
cost you $8.50 Euros.
-With your ticket in hand, look for the RER/Blue line B - direction PARIS.
-The ride will take about 35 minutes to Paris and your first stop in "downtown" Paris
will be GARE DU NORD; the second stop will be CHATELET DEL HALLES.
-Either station will have options to connect to the Paris Metro for your final destina-
-If you're going to the layover hotel, the closest Paris Metro Station is BIR-HAKEIM -
part of line 6 of the green line.
-The same applies for a return to Charles de Gaulle airport, if you need to return via

If you want additional information about the RER - Schedules, instructions, etc., in
English, please click on the enclosed link of the official RER website.

Safe journey!
Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) to Paris by Train | Paris by Train


Anonymous said...

get a timetable , some of these trains are direct to (and from) gare du nord (downtown Paris) and thus are faster and you don't get as much annoyed by all sorts of pan handlers...Beatrice (ex CDGSW)

lizzie from the air... said...

Get what timetable and for which trains? for the RER? or for another trains to Gare du Nord?

lizzie from the air... said...

Thanks Bea...:)

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