The "Underground Dining Scene"

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone. There are secret restaurants all over the world hidden behind closed doors. Who knew! Check out this great website list (www.saltshaker.net/underground-dining-scene) - It names by city, some of the "underground" gourmet dining places that have emerged around the world that one only hears about in hushed tones, tweets and Facebook posts. In fact, some of these places require you to make dinner reservations through their Facebook pages! How interesting and unusual don't you think? The furtiveness of it all piques my interest and my appetite!

The New York Time's claims that "“The new trend is to be more in the know instead of buying yourself into places.” Well, I won't make you wait, here's the list. SaltShaker � Underground Dining Scene. You be the judge. Let me know what you think of any place you visit. I'll probably try a couple of them in Buenos Aires this coming month while I fly there and I'll report more about them then soon, I promise!

Until then, enjoy the new trend and the mysterious food spots!


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