Shower Caps for your Shoes, huh?

I recently ran into my old friend Diane ( a very senior flight attendant from San Francisco, with 30+ years of seniority and travel experience ) in Beijing. It had been a while since we both saw each other, so we headed to her room to chi-chat.

While we talked and she packed her bag for her return flight, I watched her casually grab a couple of the hotel's shower caps to cover the bottom of her running shoes before packing them in her bag.

Wow! I thought, what a clever idea!! So simple and useful, all in one. A perfect solution for toxic shoes, specially after walking the streets of China. I immediately loved the idea! So I decided to make a mental note and share it with you.

So, next time you pack your bag, remember to first head for the hotel bathroom to grab a couple of shower caps. They'll fit nicely over your offending soles. Who knew they could be so handy.

Thanks Diane!!!


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