Sweet Dreams - zzzzz- Pant Hangers to block Light???

Next time you find your self in one of those hotel rooms with curtains that do not close completely, letting too much sun light into the room as you're trying to sleep? Look in your closet for the solution.

Grab a set of pant hangers, the ones with clips, and use the clipper parts of the hanger to "clip " the rebellious curtain segments together. Work with it until you can properly block the offending light completely. Voila! Sweet darkness will reign again in your room. Time to go back to sleep.


Good Ol' Dannyboy said...

Wow! This site has gone over a major make over since yesterday hah, and it looks great! Congrats!

Thanks for stopping by, and you're welcome for the help. I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is definitely a great movie to check out. I love movies too, which explains the blog, though I haven't seen all the classics. It's hilarious, and I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it when you do see it.

What other colour what you recommend for my page?

Lizzie in the sky with diamonds... said...

Thanks Dan, I downloaded the template from some free Blogger site i found in google. You like it huh? thanks, trying to make it better, a little bit at a time, like you. Saw some pretty good templates for film, if you're interested, let me know. If not, I think a more slick, less tea and bisquits color - something in the cool range, as in colder hues - play with lighter shades of blues, greys, greens, blacks...or very white - so movies pop out! what ever enhances the viewing of the movie windows don't you think?
Let me knwo if that helps. chau, liz

Onthefly... said...

very cool mz liz! you are going blockbusters!

Lizzie in the sky with diamonds... said...

u like?

Good Ol' Dannyboy said...

I looked for some free ones, but they may have been made for Classic Blogger and so they wanted to kill my gadgets, which is a shame. But if you've found some that support gadgets, then sure! feel free to send me their links.

I decided to change the background to black, and added some stuff (icons, padding, a border between the main part and sidebar). I kind of want to fix up the way I do my posts still (maybe it's just me, but it looks like it needs something).


Lizzie in the sky with diamonds... said...

Ok, i just took a look and the black seems a bit too harsh in the background with the small white lettering. Is there a less black background..like a drak grey? and bigger off- white lettering perhaps? Titles and dates, in same color.

As it is now, it is "hard" to read. Perhaps if the previous suggestion does not work, you can try a white background with black lettering (a little larger print) + Red Entry Titles and dates? so its all more uniform? gotta keep tweaking it till' you're happy and let me know.

Too bad the free blogs dont let you use your widgets. but maybe you can add them after downloading??? try and see, but save the original before you try. I'll look around and let you know ok?

Good Ol' Dannyboy said...

I took your advice and made the background a lighter grey. This made (at least to my tiring eyes) the font look off-white. I made links orangey, and the dates a different yellow.

I think it looks good for now. Feel free to keep those suggestions coming alone, but for now I think I'm going to leave it like that.

By the way, nice photos of France. I've never been, and now it makes me really want to.

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