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Yes, I know, everyone has the name of some great delicatessen in New York City that one MUST visit while in Manhattan. But really, if Katz's Deli is not the best in town, it surely warrants a visit for a close second.

Katz's Deli has been around since 1888, serving memorable meals and monumental pastrami sandwich that can almost dislocate your jaw as you try to take that first huge bite out of your sandwich. They are that big! I promise!

The place is casual and it attracts a cross section of city customers. There are the famous, the local police (to eat), New York politicians, tourists, artist, actors, travelers on their way to or from the airport, locals, across-towners, etc. It's a destination, it's that good.

The New York Magazine claims it's the "grandest deli" in the city and Katz's customers claim they get the best hot dogs in the world at Katz's. So do yourself a favor next time you pass through Manhattan, take a cab down to the Lower East Side and stop by Katz's Deli. Try one of their memorable Pastrami Sandwiches or some other delicious deli platters and please, don't forget to tip the sandwich maker! It's a Katz's tradition.

Once you get your food and find a seat, take a look around, you may see Barbara Streisand or Bill Clinton eating a sandwich like yours in a table nearby.

For more information on this small heaven that feeds the masses, click on the following link and enjoy your meal. Katz's Delicatessen New York


Dee said...

I agree . Great fresh food. Try the brisket next time . Ask the counterman for a taste. If you are a corned beef fan its to die for.. DEE

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