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Our Spanish language speaker Liliana, a native of Buenos Aires, swears by the Cachafaz Alfajores. What are alfajores? A Latin American (sweet) specialty made up of two round butter biscuits joined together by some "dulce de leche" (caramel) or jam and covered by powdered sugar or chocolate.

Rumor has it, according to Liliana, that after the family that owns La Havana Alfajores (the most famous brand of Alfajores in Buenos Aires) sold their company, they started Cachafaz as a higher end option.

Cachafaz Alfajores are pricier that the Havana brand, but they are worth it for special occasions or as a special gift. They sell in boxes of 12 for 60 Pesos ($15.00 dollars) and the "Conitos" - cones shaped sweets, covered in chocolate and filled with dulce de leche - sell in boxes of six for 30 Pesos (about $8.00 dollars). Yum!

These "gourmet alfajores" can be purchased from any Buenos Aires magazine, street kiosk and also at the Ezeiza Airport by gate 4. Liliana says, "don't buy alfajores during the summer months from a Kiosk", unless they are refrigerated. Why? well, because most Kiosks don't have AC and the chocolate goes bad ultra fast in the heat.

For more information on Cachafaz Alfajores, click on the enclosed link. Provecho!
Cachafaz Alfajores


Anonymous said...

If you are somebody that is interested to get all the complete line of Cachafaz contact: Oscar to the phone number 15-6141-5914 (Buenos Aires), he distributes for Atlantic Coast (Pinamar, Villa Gesell, etc) but he is located in Capital Federal. Also he carry the new line ready "Gift Box" (Regaleria)

Lindsay said...

The secret is out! For the past few years, Dulce de Leche, a sticky, sweet, caramelized milk-and-sugar sauce found in almost every pantry in Argentina-- has been swirling its way around the US, from Haagen Dazs ice cream, to Yoplait yogurt, to Starbucks Frappuccinos.
According to legend, Dulce de Leche may have been invented by Napoleon’s soldiers burning milk and sugar while in the field, or by a housekeeper who forgot the milk on the stove.
When I was in the Buenos Aires Real Estate I rented in Argentina, I used to eat this for breakfast every day.

Anonymous said...

You can buy Cachafaz alfajores at www.silvisweets.com and they only cost $19 per box. I just got mine and they are delicious!

lizzie from the air... said...

Thank you for the tip! I also love the Cachafaz "Conitos" - chocolate cones filled with delicious dulce de leche! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I bought the white chocolate alfajor in Amazon.com for only $14.50. They are delicious and super cheap!!

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