ROME - The Vatican City

Tour Rome on a Budget: Every last Sunday of every month, the entrance to the Sistine Chapel and the St. Peters Basilica is free till 12:30 pm. Otherwise it will cost about 16 euro for both entrance fees.

For 1 euro take the metro towards Musei Vaticani and as soon as you exit you should be able to see signs for the Vatican. I suggest you visit the Sistine Chapel first and try go as early as possible, for they close the door at exactly 12:30 pm and the later you go the more people you'll find in line. By the way, the line will look really long, but it goes really fast...

After seeing the Sistine Chapel, walk around the back to the Piazza Vaticani (The Vatican City) you will see St. Peters Basilica and you will have a spectacular view of the Piazza. The lines are not as long as at the Sistine Chapel, and this line also moves very quickly. Reminder, dress appropriately, shoulders should be covered and long shorts or pants are acceptable.

After the Vatican City, the "get-on/get-off Tour Bus is a great way to see the rest of the city. The cost is 15 euro for 24 hrs or 20 euro for 48hrs. These buses runs every 20


Photos and story by Josie-Lim Mcauliffe (dcasw)


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