BEIJING - The Great Wall

If you want to see the Great Wall and other sights in Beijing, especially on a budget, you can hire a driver for the whole day for about 500/700 RMB's ($70.00 - 115.00).

The drive to the Great Wall takes a little over an hour, and an early morning visit is highly suggested. If you leave Beijing by 6:30 am, you can see the sunrise over segments of the Wall and it's a spectacular view!

The other benefits of getting there early, are:
1). No crowds there that early
2). You can practically have the Wall to yourself
3). You can get back to the city and see the other great sights, like The Forbidden City, The Summer Palace, and still squeeze shopping after the sightseeing.

To hire a driver, call Susan and/or Bobby's at 13601255592 or 13701188206 - Beijing numbers.
to email ahead, write to: susan@sohu.com.

Have a great time!

Photos and story, courtesy of Josie-Lim Macauliffe (dcasw)


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