Breakfast? Coffee? Pastries? - Geneva

Coffee in our downtown Geneva layover hotel, even with our discount, is nine dollars a cup, ouch!

So, if you're like me, and you need a little fuel to wake up at 2-3 am (USA time) before you depart for the airport, here are a couple of cute and affordable places within walking distance of our hotel that serve "take out" breakfast for a more reasonable price.

Walk to Rue des Paquis to The Cafe Art's (opened for breakfast only on week ends) - my favorite.

Along the same side of the street, at 21 Rue Des Paquis, you will find the lovely Patisserie Voivre, open early, every day. Great pastries, breads and coffees.

Get a scrumptious pain du chocolate "pour emporter" - to take away- from either place plus a hot beverage of your choice in either place. Both are fast with service and friendly and I promise, much better priced than the hotel, A better way to get your morning start.


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