Bike for Free!!! Geneva, Switzerland

Last week I spend a whole afternoon biking around the scenic main lake in Geneva, Switzerland. The best part, aside from the amazing water views and the impeccable weather? the bike was totally free!! Yep, in this city famous for its sky-high prices, this may be the only cheap (free) thing in the whole city!! so take note!

Rent (of borrow, as they call it) a city bike from Geneve Roule - It's free for the first four hours. Go to one of their five Geneve Roule bike rental Stations around the city. The location I chose was Bains de Paquis, located right across the Hotel Kempinski on the boulevard along the water, on the Quai du Mont-Blanc. (tip - get there early, they run out of bikes by afternoon and look for the white tent to find the bike booth along the waterfront boulevard).

When you finish with your bike, you can return it to any of the five Geneve Roule bike stations during operating hours - check the Geneve Roule website for more information.

To rent (or borrow) a bike, you'll need to bring your passport and 20 Francs in cash for a deposit. If you go over the four "free" hours, they will charge you an additional nominal fee per hour - about 1 more Franc per hour or something like that - check out their website for more details before you pedal away.

Don't forget to ask for a bike lock before you leave just in case you want to stop along the way. Helmets are also available, upon request and all bikes come with a basket where you can store a small backpack or place a bag of purchased goods.

For more information, go to www.geneveroule.ch. and have a blast! like I did!!


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