Volunteer Vacations - Travel with "Airline Ambassadors"

You say you wanna travel, you say you wanna help....well, how about using your vacation time and your travel benefits to do some volunteer work around the globe. All this, while touring the local sites?

I did! and I went to Cambodia and to Argentina, (see attached photo) with Airline Ambassadors.

You too can join Airline Ambassadors. A humanitarian organization that delivers medicines, food, toys, etc. around the world, founded by Nancy Rivard, an American Airlines Flight Attendant.

Check their website, for upcoming trips and join other flight crews while they help the poor and needy children of the world. I promise, it will be a vacation you'll never forget!

ps- watch the video with Peter Greenberg in You Tube, speaking about Airline Ambassadors in the Today Show. You can find the link in Google.



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