TRAVEL GEAR -Crew Cooler Bag

This is a hot item guys! hot, hot, hot!!  If you like traveling with your own food, this is an incredible cooler-bag.  Spacious, with a zillion side pockets for dry goods and two bottles of water- one at either side.  It is also, a great solution for keeping your food fresh, even in hotels with out a a fridge.  

I first spotted one from a Jet Blue flight attendant. They all seem to have them now and as you can see from the photos, they are amazing.  

The best part, this bag is now selling at Ebags, for 60% off it's original price!  It was a $70 dollar bag. Now you can get it for $29.99+tax, such a good price!  I bought mine a week ago for $49.99, bummer!   

So check it out,  at www.ebags.com, and select the Professional Series Crew Cooler. 

Happy Shopping!

(photos,courtesy of Ebags website)


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