TRAVEL GEAR - Tiny Laptop

I just purchased this Asus - Eee Pc Series laptop from Target and I love it - It's about the size of a book (8 inches x 5 inches ) and it comes loaded with Microsoft Vista, Norton Security, a built in camera and Skype - It's ready to use almost immediately, from the box!

I purchased mine in black, but it is also available in white and the pricing starts at a mere $245.00 dollars, incredible! A neoprene protection sleeve will set you back an additional $12 dollars. Surely, for the price and the size, it can't be beat for a traveling/layover pc.

It does have limited hard drive space, so it would not do for a main pc, but for a traveling gadget, to check schedules and mail while on the road, it works like a dream. To find it, either visit your local Target Store and head for the electronics department, or check the web at www.target.com , in the electronics plus the laptop tab.

Let me know what you think!


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