DID U KNOW? - Dirty Hotel Room?

Do you know the areas in your hotel room, that can be the dirtiest, most contaminated?

Well, believe it or not, one of these, is not the bathroom. The most "contaminated" item in your hotel room, more than likely is the TV remote control (Yuc!), followed closely by the bed cover (which seldom gets changed or cleaned). Then you have the cups and glasses left for your drinks (which only get washed or changed once in a while) followed by the phone receivers, dialing pads, door knobs and light switches (which get tons of use, but never get disinfected).

Last, lets not forget the furniture - the chair and sofa "seat areas" , often test positive to traces of fecal matter - eew!!! I think you can figure that one out with out my help.

So what can you do? Well, you can wipe all these surfaces with disinfecting, disposable towelettes (like Sani-Hands - which kill 99.9% germs) that can be found in most super market or pharmacy cleaning sections. Don't ever, if you can help it, use the bed cover. Better ask for an extra blanket if you feel cold. For that "suspect" furniture, just to be on the safe side, throw a clean towel over the sitting areas, before you sit.

Happy Trails!


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