ROME - Take a Walk Around Monti

Next time you're in Rome, visit the picturesque neighborhood of Monti.  It is one of the last remaining authentic Roman neighborhoods, mostly untouched by tourism.  Monti, is centrally located and small enough to cover by foot in just one afternoon.  Of course one can visit more than once to simply get lost in its 's quiet, upscale, residential winding streets. Monti is located in the quadrant contained between Via Nazionale, Via de Serpenti, Via de Pretis and Via Cavour.  Ask your concierge to point this area out in your map before you head out for your walk.

What will you see in Monti?  a series of attractive wine bars and neighborhood restaurants, tinny hotels with scenic roof cafe's or bars.  Small Italian designer boutiques, gourmet bakeries and a variety of other interesting shops.  All this, can be found, a short walk away from Piazza Barberini and the Colosseum.

Avoid visiting the area on Sundays.  Most commercial spaces in Monti will be closed and you will miss the neighborhood feel of the area, more visible during the week.  When you go, peak inside the Santa Maria Maggiore Church - a gorgeous Roman Church with amazing history and impressive gold painted ceilings.  Its located on the edge of this neighborhood, next to the Piazza Esquilino and at the end of  Via delle Quattro Fontane.


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