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I don't own an iPad (yet), and I specially don't own the new, super-duper, extra light, fancy model iPad that is flying off the shelves as we speak (sigh). However, I've noticed that many of you, my travel partners, already own one of these snazzy, gorgeous machines and carry it in your flight bags. This post if for you.

National Geographic recently published a list of some of the "most impressive iPad travel applications on it's April 11th 2011 blog article. I've re-posted word for word from their article the segment with the list. If you wish to read the entire article, please click on the enclosed blue link at the end of this post.

So here it goes, iPad owners and travel partners, read on:

"...some of the more impressive new iPad travel apps...

iMovie - $4.99
Optimized for the iPad, this app could transform you into a filmmaker. For travel videos, it’s amazing. It makes editing videos simple—little kids could do it. See the section below to read the full review.

National Geographic National Parks Maps HD App - $4.99
This app pairs hi-res images of points-of-interest within National Geographic HD topo trail maps for 15 parks (Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, and ten others). The iPad’s Digital Compass will locate you within the park when you are ready to start exploring.

JetSetter - Free
This visually stunning, content-driven travel app lets you discover travel destinations through a gorgeous layout and photography. The stories and editorial reviews will tantalize you to take a trip—and the app even allows you to book a hotel stay with a cool calendar feature. It also has “Flash Sale” limited-time travel deals.

Word Lens - Free, $9.99 per language
This app utilizes the camera to photograph and translate text. Right now it only works for English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Still it’s a remarkable service on the iPad. It’s not perfect. I tried it on my friend Mark Adam's new book title, Turn Right at Machu Picchu. It came up with “Turno Correcto a Machu Picchu,” which is a little off, but the possibilities are exciting.

TripAdvisor - Free
Thanks to the iPad’s digital compass, TripAdvisor’s vast database of user reviews are made available on Google Street maps. Simply locate yourself via the GPS, then read reviews of nearby restaurants and hotels positioned on a Google Street View map. What’s surprising is all the local information. I always considered TripAdvisor to be best for international hotels. But with the app, I located myself in my apartment in Brooklyn and it showed me all the restaurants and businesses on my street with contact info and user reviews. 

Fotopedia Heritage - Free
Brilliant photos illustrate the world’s UNESCO World Heritage sites in this app. The Machu Picchu slide show alone has 59 images.

FlightBoard - $3.99
This app quite simply lets you see the Arrivals and Departures flight boards in any airport. Pretty handy if you are dealing with weather delays.

AllSubway HD - $.99
This is the first collection of subway maps from the world’s great cities, from Moscow to Munich to Perth. You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to use it, so subterranean navigation is possible..."

plus..."Starting in May, Apple is going to offer free travel app workshops for consumers at their 200+ U.S. stores. At these workshops, Apple instructors will show the latest and best travel apps available"

I hope this helps all you iPad lovers, to embrace the new technology available through your amazing ipads. Who knows? maybe with some new applications, you can begin to produce memorable clips of your travel adventures with your iPad.

Adventure Travel - National Geographic Adventure Blog

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