Moscow - New Cool eating Diggs!

Just flew Moscow this past month and I found two new restaurants steps away from our layover hotel. Yes, they have English translated menus! What a relief! and one cafe is right next to the other, so here it goes.

The first one is The Icebox Cafe. This is a very modern, Starbucks type cafe with free wi-fi, modern decor, and a relaxing atmosphere where one can linger for hours cruising the net, with out causing a stir. They specialize in pastries, coffees, and simple pre-made salads and sandwiches that you can eat while you are there or you can take back to your room.

The second place is called Biskotti Cafe and you wouldn't know this by reading the sign in the street that reads BNCKOTTN (photo enclosed), but your clue to find this restaurant will be the red bench that sits out in the street, right in front of the place. This is a reasonably priced, western style restaurant, that serves a large variety of international dishes. It also has free wi-fi and offers a relaxing dining atmosphere with hip, modern decor and great music in the background. I had a delicious mozzarella and tomato salad, plus a wonderful shrimp risotto during my first visit. On my second visit, I had a yummy Beef Strogonoff served with wild mushroom over creamy, home-made mashed potatoes. Not bad at all, I promise. Prices are reasonable - About ten dollars per entree and lots of options on the menu.

The location of these places is as follows. Make a right from the front door of the hotel, walk to the corner. Make a right as if you were going to the food market. Walk past the market to the next block on the same side, and just past the fancy men's clothing store (you're still on the same side as the food market), you will see first the Icebox Cafe, and right past it, the Biskotti Cafe. Remember, look for the red bench.

Enjoy these two new, nice eating options nearby the hotel in Moscow. They are really perfect spots to get nice snacks and meals while you're on a short stay in Moscow.

Do you have any favorite watering holes or eating spots in Moscow? Let us know, so we can share them with everyone. Send pictures too, so we can see what you are talking about and don't forget to share this with your flying partners. That's how we grow!


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