The Pashmina Store - Pashmina Shawl | Wrap | Stole | Scarf

I'm simply cutting and pasting the exact wording from the Pashmina Store's website - www.thepashminastore.com - that sells 100% Pashminas from Nepal. Read on and decide if it's something for you. They are great travel accessories (I own several) - They're handy during breaks while on the plane; for "clean" and warm coverage when you travel as a passenger; and as an extra layer when heading out to dinner in a foreign place.

"For the ultimate in luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in one of our exclusive pure pashmina shawls, wraps or scarves. We offer high-quality pashminas made exclusively for us by expert craftspeople in Nepal. They're 100% pure cashmere bliss!

Our famous items have been featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine , Woman's World, Inc., Travel Girl, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and many other respected publications.

A "ply" represents the thickness of the thread used to weave the pashmina, so a 3 Ply would be thicker and have greater cashmere content than a 2 Ply. Both use the same premium pashmina wool and are hand-made in Nepal"

For more information of these lovely authentic Pashminas from Nepal, please click on the enclosed link below.

The Pashmina Store - Pashmina Shawl | Wrap | Stole | Scarf

Photos: courtesy of the Pashmina Store's website.


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