London - TUNE HOTELS - Cheap! Cheap!! donwtown hotel!

Wow! You won't believe what I just read in the latest issue of the The Lonely Planet Travel Magazine. Tune Hotels, a brand new, no frills hotel chain from the Far East, has just opened a new 79 room hotel in downtown London that charges only $23 pounds a night.

How is that possible? Well, much like the discounted airlines like Ryan Air and Spirit Air, this hotel chain will charge you extra for hotel "amenities". What does this mean? Well, you will pay extra for the use of a hairdryer, or to view the TV. Also, it cost's extra if you want your room cleaned, or request towels or toiletries. You get the picture.

Still, extra charges and all, it's an exceptional deal for a room located only steps away from Big Ben and Westminster Abbey don't you think? If you look at the Tune Hotel's room pictures in their official website, they look brand new, crisp and clean (photos enclosed). Take a peak and see what you think. By the way, some rooms have windows, others do not.

If you like this concept, Tune Hotels runs additional "reasonably priced" properties in Malaysia and in Bali, Indonesia. Check those out in their website too.

For more information on all these properties, please visit the Tune Hotel's main website at www.tunehotels.com or click on the following link Westminster, London | Best Value Hotels, 5 star beds at 1 star prices

Photos, courtesy of Tune Hotel's official website
Enjoy your London stay!!! and let me know how it was!!!


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