Turn an iPod into an iPhone - Get An Extra Wi-Fi Phone Line For Your iPhone

The New York Times just reviewed a wonderful new, iPhone Application called Line2. They claim this application can "save you money" and it can "make calls where AT&T's signal is weak".

Line 2 will work with your iPad, or your iPod Touch making them into a wifi phone, as long as you're in an Internet hot-spot. From this point, you can make phone calls with your iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch, with out having to pay AT&T a cent for the calls. Line2 also gives your iPhone an additional wifi phone line with your same AT&T phone number with which you can call via the Internet, with out using any of your AT&T minutes.

Free, unlimited instant messages is another Line2 perk, making your AT&T instant message plan obsolete. They do not, however, allow for video and photo instant messages, but for that, you can use your AT&T line by paying the extra 20 cent per message rate it costs to send instant messages via AT&T with out a plan.

To read more about the New York Times article that reviewed this application, please click on the following link. Turn an iPod into an iPhone - NYTimes.com

Photo, courtesy of Mac Website


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