Paris Shopping - Great discounts for Airline Crew Members!

Who knew? All these years flying to Paris and only now, 20 years plus later, I find out that there's a three floor duty free shop right across the Louvre that gives crew members 20% to 70% off on purchases if you show your airline ID. Did anyone else know this? Or am I the last one to find out about this?

The name of this store is BENLUX LOUVRES. The location? the corner of 174 Rue de Rivoli and Rue de Richelieu. Metro - Palais Royal/Musee de Louvre.

I visited Benlux this past week while on my Paris layover. I decided to check out their selection of goods. I gotta tell you, they have a lot of great stuff. There were cosmetics, French perfumes, designer bags (Armani, Longchamp) suitcases, belts, pens, watches, silk scarfs, etc.

If you go, don't expect to get any suggestions on French perfumes from the store attendants, however, they will speak to you in English if you need help. Thank God! Once you select the products you wish to purchase, you will need to pay for them first at the cashier. This is where you show your airline ID to get your airline discount. The percentage of discount that you will receive on each item will depend on the product brand. Hard to tell before this point how much off you will get on each product or brand.

So there you go. If you need more information about the location of this store, please check the enclosed google map link and enjoy the great discounts! Benlux Louvres - Google Maps


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