Burgers in Paris

Have you ever craved American food while in Paris? a juicy burger with fries, a pecan pie, pancakes with maple syrup or cheesecake? Well, now there are some pretty authentic places for American food in Paris and they are getting rave reviews from the locals!

One of them is Breakfast in America, a 50's like diner establishment that opened it's first locale near The Sorbonne in St. Germain several years ago. They were so well received, they decided to open a second location in the Marais. Just to give you an idea of the prices and the selection of food in their menu, their burgers with fries go for around 8Euros; The BLT is 7.50Euros; Ham & Eggs are 8.95 Euros (breakfast is served all day) and Sunday Brunch is 16 Euros and it includes a drink a hot dish and a pastry - muffing, toast, etc.

For more information on the location, prices, history, menus, etc. for Breakfast in America, please click on the enclosed link or go directly to their official website at www.breakfast-in-america.com . Breakfast-In-America.com - Home

A second option for American fare is the sleek and popular Scoop Cafe located near the Louvre in rue St Honore. I have not visited the place, but reviews rave about the "terrific food" the "reasonable prices" and "the best burgers in town". They also have a nice brunch on Sundays and serve dinners three nights a week - Thursday's Friday's and Saturday's.

For more information on Scoop Cafe, please click here or go to www. scoopcafe.com.

A third and more exclusive option for American food while in Paris, is the brand new Ralph's restaurant opened recently by Ralph Laurent in the exclusive Blvd. St. Germain. The setting is supposed to be gorgeous, furnished with luxurious leather chairs, decorated with paintings of hunting scenes and the menu serves a selection of American classics like burgers, fried chicken, meat loaf and carrot cake.

Be prepared to pay through the nose. A burger goes for 27Euros. For this hefty price, you get a burger made from grass fed beef flown directly from Mr. Laurent's farm in Colorado. Book ahead, for there's a two week wait since they opened. So much for eating like the locals!

173 rue Blv. St. Germain - 6th

Breakfast in America Diner
4 Rue Malher (Marais)
Metro - St. Paul
8:30am - 11pm

17 rue des Ecoles (by Sorbonne)
Metro - Cardinal Le Moine or Jussieu

Scoop Cafe
154 Rue St. Honore
Metro - Louvre/Rivoli


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