A Historic Cafe in Buenos Aires - Cafe Tortoni

If you visit the Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires, you will feel as if you've entered a movie set from Europe in the 1800's. The cafe's interior resembles an aged Parisian cafe that has not changed it's beautiful interior for some time.

In the late 1800's, the Cafe Tortoni was a magnet for the local intellectual and artistic elite. The most famous Argentinian artists and writers like Jorge Luis Borgues, Carlos Gardel, Alfonsina Storni and Benito Quinquela Martin met there often with their friends. Today, there are still visual reminders of these famous guest. There are sculptures, paintings, photographs and letters by the artists through out the cafe's interior and some sections are named after a writer or painter of that era.

In addition to it's rich history and art, the Tortoni now hosts these wonderful, intimate Tango Shows every night in their two tiny backroom theaters - The Alfonsina Stormi room and La Bodega. I often tell first time visitors to stop by the Tortoni for a tango show. They are beautiful shows for very reasonable prices - about $80 pesos per show ($22 dollars). Can't beat that with a stick!

Unfortunately, unlike the old days, when the cafe was quietly populated by locals, today, the Tortoni is filled with tourists from around the world. for it's benefit or it's demise, it has been included as a "must visit" in the route of the yellow double-decker tourist bus that drives around Buenos Aires these days. Oh well, it is still a must see.

On the good side, the cafe does a wonderful job at spacing just the right amount of people inside the cafe, so it does not disturb its quiet, genteel air. People are only allowed in as tables empty, so if you go, wait patiently, for it's really worth it. Once inside, don't forget to visit the back room where they have the original shaving room. In the old days, one could go to the Tortoni to get a coffee and a shave.

The cafe is opened most of the day, so feel free to stop by for lunch. For more information on the cafe's history or to access their daily tango show schedules, please click on the following Internet link. Gran Caf�Tortoni 150 a�os con la Cultura Argentina

Cafe Tortoni
Ave De Mayo 825
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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