Free and Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Hotel Wi-Fi

Ok, I admit it, I'm not the most techno-savvy traveler around but I'm all for reducing the high costs of hotel Wi-Fi while traveling abroad. With some hotel's charging around 10 to 20 Euros or more per day! for Internet access, let's face it, we need all the help we can get. So take a minute to look at Gadling's easy suggestions to reduce your costs of hotel Internet access and let us know what you think.

To read the list of suggestions, please visit Gadling's website at www.gadling.com or click on the following link - Five free and cheap alternatives to expensive hotel Wi-Fi | Gadling.com

ps- In addition to the Gadling suggestions, I also recommend the free Skype iPhone application that can be downloaded from iTunes from the Application button on your iPhone. Once you download it, you can make free calls directly from your iPhone when you're in any free Wi-Fi zone in the world.

Do you have any technical suggestions for making cheap phone calls or for accessing the Web? if you do, please leave a comment or write to us at postcards@me.com and pass this information on!


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