Tretyakov State Gallery - Moscow

I visited the Tretyakov Gallery on my last trip to Moscow and it was amazing! If you love art and specifically paintings, this is the place to go. In my opinion, it's even more impressive than the Pushkin Museum of Art in Moscow.

The Tretyakov State Gallery is a mammoth collection of Russian art from the 11th to the 20th Century. It was originally the private collection of Mr. Pavel Tretiakov's, a wealthy Russian industrialist of the 1800's. He donated his collection to the city of Moscow in 1892, for the creation of a National Gallery or Art for Russia.

If you like Russian Icons or Impressionist style paintings by Russian artists, you will love the stuff in this museum. Don't miss the laminated English cards with explanations of the art in each room. You may also rent the pre-recorded English tours for additional fee.

To get to the Tretyakov Gallery, you can either take the Metro (a bit confusing ) or walk from our layover hotel. The walk is easy, scenic and really, not that far. Just head towards the Kremlin, cross Red Square and pass St. Basil's cathedral heading towards the river. Cross the river by taking the Moskvoretskiy Bridge located right behind St. Basil's. Continue on that same street until you cross the river a second time. You will now be at the start of Bolshaya Utilisa (Bolshaya Avenue) a lively commercial street. Don't go down this street, instead, turn right along the river bank and walk by the water for one or two small blocks until you reach the next pedestrian bridge that crossed back over the river. Don't cross over the river, instead, make a left on that street and walk away from the river. The museum is on your right on that first block. It's a red brick complex that has English and Russian signs pointing to the entrance doors (photos enclosed).

For more information on the Tretyakov's hours of operation, it's admission prices and about it's special exhibits, you can visit their main web site on the following link -Tretyakov State Gallery

I hope you enjoy your day at the museum like I did!


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