See your Hotel Before You Travel - Oyster Hotel Reviews

The New York Times says "they are solid and useful...their photographs are invaluable" and Frommer's urges us "to look at the site".

It's Oyster Hotel Reviews, a great Internet site that reviews hotels and posts "undoctored" photos of rooms in each property, so one can "see a hotel before one travels". The rooms are shot from all angles so one gets a 360 degree view of each room - a very helpful option.

In addition, the site offers handy categories for the selection of hotels, like "best hotel gyms", "best hotel pools", "most romantic hotel", "best value", "best rooms", "best beach"etc., to help you select the perfect room for your stay.

If you are curious about the site, visit at www.oyster.com or click on the following link for a quick view: Miami Hotels | Oyster Hotel Reviews


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