TRAVEL GEAR - Foldable Water Bottel - Vapur

The February issue of Real Simple magazine featured the VAPUR portable water bottle as one of it's "Problem Solvers of the Month". It's also a very handy item for travel.

The VAPUR , is a 16oz container made of FDA approved BPA-free Polymer that "rolls or folds up when not in use", so its an easy item to store when empty, in a pant pocket, a back pack or a suitcase. It sells for $9.00 dollars a piece.

Vapur claims (on it's web site) that their water bottles are "reusable, cleanable, attachable, foldable and freezable". A bottle can be used as an ice pack, if filled with water and frozen. Vapur also donates a percentage of their profits to water related environmental causes.

For more information on Vapur water bottles please click on the enclosed Vapur's website here.

Hope you enjoy this post. Let us know what you think of this item.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lizzie! I actually just saw that too, but it was in the February issue. :)

lizzie from the air... said...

Ooops! you're right, it was the Feb issue, what was I thinking!! thx!

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