Breakfast - Buenos Aires


Whenever I'm in Buenos Aires, I always try to have breakfast at the "i Central Market", very near out downtown layover hotel. (ask concierge for directions)

Why? because it is effortless to get there and because the food is first class - It is prepared with fresh ingredients and the baked goods resemble the pastries I often see in Paris, delicate and scrumptious!

Why else? because the price is right - about $8 dollars for a full breakfast menu (unheard of for this upscale area). The price includes a fresh squeezed juice, a basket of fresh baked pastries, home made granola, home made fruit jams, fresh fruit salad, yogurt and a hot beverage of your choice (The actual selection, of course, depends on which menu you pick). All of it is beautifully presented and delicious!

What else draws me here so often? the free WIFI, baby! I can bring my laptop or my iPhone and check my emails in comfort and peace while I sip my coffee luxuriously slow...no one rushes me, even if I stay for a couple of hours daydreaming, like I usually do, gazing out their floor to ceiling windows at the canals and at the rowers that sometimes, drift by. Yes, it's a lovely way to start your day.

Aside from breakfast, "i Central Market" also serves great lunches and dinners. They have a "take out" area towards the front of the store where they serve reasonably priced executive lunches - fresh salads and sandwiches - plus they also deliver, so next time you stop by, grab a menu for a rainy day.

They also have a sit-down area towards the rear of the place, where the food is a step up from the take out area and one orders from a menu. This is where I sit for my scenic breakfasts.

I market also has a small gourmet market that sells specialty foods designer home goods. They have colorful fresh flowers, hand made chocolates, delicate pastries, exotic teas and cheerful ceramics - Lots of attractive small items to touch and see.

If you go, check out the designer bathrooms downstairs! They are so cool. The women's lavatory has a long, wall to wall clear glass sink with ultra modern fixtures and the walls are tiled with sparkly hot pink glass tiles. wow!

Provecho! (may you eat well!)

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