Airplane Friendly Toiletries - Sephora Goods

If you're planning a trip, you may want to visit your nearest Sephora store (or website) first. They have some pretty cool, compact goods for travel, like the ones I photographed above.

Just go to www.Sephora.com, and enter the word "travel" in the search window and you will get a page with a list (on the left side) of various item categories, for travel. There is a makeup, skincare, fragrance, natural and tooth care category. Check them all out. There are some clever "flight-friendly" packaged goods.

I selected the Pomegranate face cleanser by Korres (it smells divine!); and I thought the tooth-care package was very cute and useful when on "the run". Also, I loved the short, makeup brushes - They're small enough to carry in your purse! Take a look at these well thought, travel-friendly packaged products in this wonderful beauty store.

Enjoy! and let me know what you think!


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