DUBAI - A Water Taxi on Dubai Creek

For a taste of Old Dubai, ride an Abra, a traditional wooden boat water taxi that crosses the Dubai Creek like a small, open water bus, from Deira to Bur Dubai.

You can catch the boat on the Deira side, from the Deira Souk Station in Baniyas Road. The station is right across the Spice Market, on the water. The crossing to Bur Dubai will take about 5 minutes, where you will find other Souks, the Dubai Museum and Bastakya, the Old Town that has nice outdoor cafes and art galleries. Each ride costs 1 Dirham (.30 cents in US Dollars).

As you cross, look at the beautiful Dubai skyline and at the old fashioned wooden cargo wharves loading and unloading their goods along the Deira side of the creek.

If you want a longer boat ride along the entire creek, you can rent an Abra for about one hour to one hour and a half for about 100 to 150 Dirhams (around $50 dollars). This ride, I'm told, is most scenic at night.

Be careful stepping in and out of the boats. I've heard people do fall in that water, eeek!

Story, courtesy of Milena Rodriguez, resident of Dubai.


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