Munich - Day trip To Neuschwanstein Castle

Photos and story by Josi-Lim MCauliffe (dcasw)

From the Hauptbanhof Station:

For a group of five or less, you can travel together on one ticket called "Bayern-ticket", it is about 30 euros good for one day for the whole group. The ticket allows you to travel anywhere in Bavaria's buses as well. When buying your ticket, specify that you are going to 'Fussen' and ask for the timetable for trains to 'Fussen'. Direct trains to 'Fussen' run every 2 hrs.

After purchasing a ticket, go to track 27 or 28 - that's where they usually leave from. There is no food or drinks on the train, so pack or buy your snacks and refreshments before you get on the train, because it's a 1:45 ride to 'Fussen'.

Changing trains:

Make sure you clearly understand if you need to change train or not. About half of the trains going to 'Fussen' require you to change in 'Buchloe or Kaufbeuren'. This is not a big deal, since the train you are meeting is directly across from the train you arrive on. Almost everyone on the trains are going to 'Fussen'.

When you get to 'Fussen', take the bus #73 or 78 to Schwangau. The bus will take you up the hill (your group ticket works on this bus). When you arrive in Schwangau, walk about 100 yrds and buy the ticket to see one or both of the famous castles. There are 3 ways to get up to the 'Neuschwanstein" castle.

1). You can take the bus (1.80 euro) and it will drop you off at 'Marien-brucke' (Maries Bridge) for a first great view on the castle. You have to walk about 10/15 mins to the castle. Make sure to go 'Maries bridge' where you will find the best view of both castles.

2). Take the horse-carriage to 'Neuschwanstein' (6 euro uphill and 5 euro down) and it will take you as close as possible and a small walk 5/mins to the entrance. The walk down is refreshing!

3). Get your walking shoes and hike the 45/mins walk.

* Reminder: make sure you have the timetable for the bus back to 'Fussen' and the train back to Munich (they usually coordinate with the times). It was worth every minute...Have fun!

Story and photos by Josi-Lim Mcauliffe (dcasw)


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