Great Russian Food - Moscow

There is a wonderful restaurant in the alley/street directly behind our layover hotel (see the enclosed photo for restaurant's entry door) that serves delicious Russian food. Their menu has English translations, so it's easy to read, and their food prices are very reasonable ( I had a soup, an entree, a large beer and a bottle of water for under 20$ dollars).

After 9pm, they have live music in the front room - an accordion and a guitar player - nothing too loud, just perfect as background music. The service is friendly, accommodating and they speak enough English to understand questions about the food in the menu. The name of the restaurant is Ecerdri? Or something like that (hard to read from their card). I'm told, it's the name of a famous Russian Poet.

If you go, here are a few recommendations from the menu :

- The mushroom soup - creamy and rich
- The Borscht soup - the typical Russian beet soup - delicious!
- The Veal with Plum Cream Sauce - everyone likes this one

Don't order the Chicken with butter Inside - It's pressed chicken pieces, not a cutlet.

We discovered this restaurant, courtesy of Marina, our very generous Russian language speaker, who volunteered to take along six of us crew members with her, as she set out for dinner.

Do you have any bars, pubs or restaurants in Moscow you wish to recommend? if so, let us know! Write to us at postcards@me.com


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