Moscow Souvenirs - What can I get?

In my recent travels to Moscow, I've discovered a few souvenirs, that may be of interest.

1- Black Vodka - It sells in one of the DME Duty Free shop's, the one between gate 9 and 10 (photo enclosed). It sells for about $16 dollars a bottle and it's pretty cool. And yes, it's not made in Russia, but in England and it's really black but with out any flavour (I don't know how they make it black). However, if you purchase it in the UK, you will pay about $36 Pounds per bottle, clearly, way more!

2- Matroska cases for wine bottles - They are just like the matroska dolls, but taller, and open up to encase you liquor bottles. They make wonderful gifts, different enough to get a wow from any recipient. If you want one, you can find them in the souvenir shops in Arbat street and they cost about $20 dollars or less a piece.

3- Old Revolution Posters - These are amazing sets of re-printed historical Russian posters from the communist days that come encased in a nice cardboard jacket with about 10 to 12 small posters inside. Well, I say posters, but they are not the size of posters. I imagine the originals were larger, but these have been re-printed in a smaller format - about 12x16 . They would make a great gift and would look wonderful framed as a collection. They sell them is the lobby gift shop of the Metropol Hotel for about $20 dollars a set. I particularly like the series on the Olympics, for they depict the sports they so avidly sought gold medals for.

4- Old Russian Medals and Pins - There's and old gentleman that sells his collection of old Russian military medals and revolution pins near the entrance of the Red Square. He sets them out over the ledge of the driveway of the red building that sits right behind the statue of the "Man on The Horse". His prices are reasonable and his selection, extensive. It's fun to check them out. If you go, let me know what you think.

If you have any other suggestions, please write to me at postcards@me.com.


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