Cheapest Meal in Frankfurt

I don't fly to Frankfurt often, so this may be"old news" for some of you "seasoned" FRA travelers. However, it may be useful information for all the FRA "newbies" who fly there only occasionally, like me.

On my last trip to Frankfurt, I was led, practically by the hand, by this kind, more FRA- experienced Flight Attendant, into the bowels of the main train station. She wanted me to sample a great German specialty, a freshly made "bratwurst sandwich".

Dulce, my guide, led me first to the corner of the hotel, then down some stairs to cross some underground shopping streets and then up again more stairs, to surface inside the train station, right in front of the departure train tracks, amazing!

Once we got there, I noticed that we were surrounded by a Disneyland of fast food joints. These places sold a dizzying array of prepared foods - warm sandwiches, hot nuts, roasted chicken, wiener schnitzels (breaded veal), Japanese and Middle Eastern foods, fruits, pastries and best of all, mouth watering hot German sausage sandwiches on warm rolls.

Following her lead, I stepped up to the nearest Sausage stand with her and ordered the Bratwurst sandwich on a roll. I had several choices of sausage to choose from plus a couple of sauces, so with Dolce's help, I chose the plain bratwurst with German mustard. Dolce ordered a veal sausage with curry sauce, so I could sample something different while we were there.

Once we received our food, we stood by one of the "stand only" tables by the side of the stand, and ate our juicy, tasty sausages. Both dishes were surprisingly delicious! An incredible feat for "fast food" from a train station.

I loved my bratwurst sandwich so much, that I could barely wait for my return trip to FRA to re-visit this stand and repeat my order. The price of this treat? ridiculously low! just a couple of euros for the whole meal.

So while it may not be your first dinning option on every trip to FRA, a hot Bratwurst or sausage sandwich at the train station can certainly fit the bill at times, when you're aching for something warm, delicious, cheap and on the run.

Danke Dolce!

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