Pashminas for Travel

Ahhh! Pashminas... so cozy and warm, an so versatile for travel - They pack small and deliver big. How so? A Pashmina (or Wrap) can be used as an inflight blanket (instead of the yucky ones the airlines provide); They can be an extra layer of warmth for your hotel bed if the room is too cold (some hotel rooms can be freezing); Pashminas can also "dresses you up" in a pinch, by wearing one over just about any outfit and they are very handy to carry in a purse or backpack, if the weather turns unexpectedly cold.

Still in doubt? Can't decide yet if you should get a Pashmina for your travels? suspend your judgement for a few more minutes and visit this website: Nimly's Pashminas and Wraps. They have a fabulous selection of Pashminas in a variety of colors and materials, all at 90% off - Wraps that normally sell for $125 dollars, are now selling for $29 dollars. Hard to beat.

So, is it perhaps the perfect time for you to indulge in this small piece of traveling luxury?

Let me know what your think...


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